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APEXTO SMT Division has a number of outstanding management personnel. Our SMT division produces wireless communications, digital products, computer peripheral cards,equipment, circuit boards, flexible circuit boards SMT and module processingproducts. Our customers include local and overseas electronic business entitieson OEM and/or contracting basis.

This divisionup to now has advanced production equipment such as state-of-the-art SMTproduction lines(4), JUKI FX-3RL automatic high-speed production line(1) andJUKI 2050 / 2070 medium-speed production lines(3), Folungwin lead-free reflowoven, automatic vision screen printers and AOI (post printing, mounting and reflow) machine, other than  welding, testing,manual insertion and assembly production lines. 

With a group ofexperienced SMT engineers, this division can mount 0201 specifications including chip devices, and pitch 0.4mm ultra-high-precision BGA chip.  Total capacity has moved up to 2 million piecesper day to meet customers' needs and requirements. 



For SMT Process, please contact

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